Shane Harper Coaching


The CEO program

Who is this for?

✅ You are coach/consultant making 8 to 20k per month who wants to scale

✅ You are a business owner that is feeling financially capped out and has reached a glass ceiling and struggling to increase revenue, cash flow is inconsistent and they’re experiencing highs and lows

✅ Maybe you have had a VA or outsourced certain parts of the business, but you are not seeing the growth you would like in your business

✅ You are exploring different options as to what your next move should be to scale your business

✅ You know you have more to give and you want to impact more people with your service but you are maxed out with your time

✅ You want a proven system that will help you scale in a simple and predictable way

What is included in the CEO program?

A 12-month step-by-step journey on exactly how to monetise your business to 30-50k per month.  and transition you fully into a CEO
Guarantee you will ROI your investment in the first 45 days 
Guarantee you will 4X your revenue before you exit the program without working more than 15-25 hours per week
Learn the Limitless Leverage System – a Hybrid System that uses ADS to create the “Inbound Effect”, fully removing yourself from day-to-day lead generation and sales, giving you a fully systemised and automated business model that can scale suing the 3 step process – 
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurture
  • Lead Closing
12 months of access to our full academy giving you the exact roadmap to building a multi-6-figure/7-figure online business and a life of freedom PLUS…
1:1 personal support via Slack and Loom  Receive daily personal chat support  1:1 calls as and when needed/requested
Limitless Weekly Live Coaching  12 months of 2X Weekly Live Q&A Calls to provide high-level support
Private community for unlimited support A community of like-minded, service-driven entrepreneurs all striving to create an impact in the world and create a life of freedom together
3 Levels of High Accountability 
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • Expert Support
  • Weekly Check-ins & Accountability 
Plug and Play Frameworks Organic messenger Frameworks for booking 6-8 sales calls per week Sales call framework for 30-40% close rate
Limitless Wealth Discover the secrets to real wealth creation. Increase your financial IQ, upgrade your money programming and learn real and actionable steps in making, keeping, and growing money
Limitless Leadership Learn how to become an inspiring and impactful leader, not just in business but in all areas of life
Limitless PR (Value $2,000) Boost your marketplace credibility by getting featured in a big publication and being booked for 2 podcasts